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Learn several modern piecing techniques and create an assembled piece of art. We all have those beautiful batik panels and themed fabrics but are unsure how to transform them into a luscious wall quilt. This class will help you understand design principles and use some innovative methods of putting fabric together. While piecing your way to success, you will enjoy the process of creating beautiful quilt art!


One day class: Learn several modern piecing techniques.Two to three day class: Includes the above and finishing the quilt top.



1. Batik panel or theme fabric panel (small selection available from instructor or go to, click Batiktambal)

2. 11 fat quarters in same color family & 3 accents (14 total; Island Batik Fabric is a good source); bring more fabric if you like

3. Sewing machine (including appliqué foot) & thread

4. Rotary cutter, ruler, & cutting board

5. Scissors & seam ripper

6. Iron & ironing surface (unless supplied by event)

7. Water spray bottle

8. 36ʺ x 36ʺ paper for template or to use as a design wall

Modern Design: Transforming Tradition

One to three day class

All skill levels

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