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We will do basic sketching and painting on a quilt. You will make a stencil and transfer the image to a quilt in addition to painting freeform designs. The power of color and texture will be explored and you will learn about color value, shadows, and highlights. Artistic composition and balance will be emphasized to create a unified piece. You will also learn quilting techniques to maximize texture on the quilt which can be highlighted with paint to add visual depth.


One day class: Sketching, stencil making and transfering image to quilt top, painting on fabric.


Two to three day class: Same as above, including quilting with machine to create texture on the quilt top, and painting highlights.



1. Several fat quarters (small prints, 1-2 inch images)

2. Acrylic paint: Craft paint, Liquitex soft body, Jacquard fabric paint, or Folk Art Artists Pigment

3. Paint brushes: nylon craft #6 round, #2 fan, 5/8 wash or flat, 3/8 angle (more brushes, if you like!)

4. Sewing machine & quilting foot

5. Quilting thread

6. Pins

7. Masking tape

8. 3 types of paper: Sketching, tracing, and freezer

9. Scissors (paper)

10. Sharp pencils

11. Sharpie, medium point

12. Wash cloth & dish towel

13. Several paper towels

14. 3 plastic plates

15. Cup for brush water

16. Small trash bag

Painted Whole Cloth Quilts

Approximate Size 18ʺ x 20ʺ

One to three day class

Intermediate skill level

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