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Pattern Play: Machine Quilting Techniques

Half to full day class

Familiarity with machine

This is a popular class where you will learn basic quilting patterns and how to create custom quilting designs. We will discuss how to best highlight quilts with quilting. You will be drawing continuous line designs that can be used in traditional and art quilts. If you have customers, you will impress them by being able to offer them custom quilting. Bring your quilt tops and we will review how to finish them with the best design possible. In the full day and longarm classes, you will mark your quilt top and quilt your designs.


Half-day class: Drawing and quilt top review.

Full day and Longarm classes: Drawing, quilting, and quilt top review.



Half-day class:

1. 1-2 quilt tops

2. Drawing pad

3. Pencil & pen


Full day class, including the above:

4. 1-2 quilt tops

5. Two quilt sandwiches the size of fat quarters

6. Blue water soluble marking pens

7. Sewing machine with free motion foot

8. Contrasting thread


Longarm workshops, including all of the above:

9. A quilt sandwich (one yard for top and back)

10. Batting

Machines provided.

Contact instructor.


Worksheets for all classes provided by the Instructor.

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