Enjoy piecing easy blocks and then add a new twist with wonderful color, accentuating any panel or large print fat quarter. A fast project for all levels of quilting expertise. Creating art means not having to match seams!


“Modern Design: Transforming Tradition”

31 x 33 inches; 79 x 84 cm

5 hours for quilt top




Pretty flowers and leaves highlight a center panel to create a work of art. The piecing is simple and versatile so the leaves and flowers can incorporate many fabric choices. Plus you can use any large print or batik panel as the focus of the piece. Enjoy creating art simply and beautifully!


30 x 34 inches; 76 x 86 cm

4 hours for quilt top




Fabric that is rich with color and pattern is cut and combined to tickle the eye and add excitement to your batik panels. This is a successful art project — no matter which way you cut it!


11 x 11 inches; 28 x 28 cm

4 Hour Project, 2 blocks




You will enjoy cleverly constructing blocks using modern techniques to create an artistic look. The irregular windows and their color add movement to the piece of art while complementing the batik panels.


14 x 14 inches; 36 x 36 cm

2 hours for quilt top




This lovely blossom is the result of a clever design that makes piecing easy. The interesting pixelated area adds dimension to the piece and lends itself to a variety of applique and embellishment techniques.


28 x 40 inches; 71 x 102 cm

8 hours for quilt top


All patterns are designed by Sussan Vassallo and are quilter-tested.

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